November 2007

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Friday November 23

Ex Warriors make top Scots list

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In the Scotland on Sunday's 2007 Top 50 Eligibles List, there are two familiar faces rubbing shoulders with David Tennant, Jamie Murray, and, wait for it, have-a-go hero, John Smeaton.

Rory comes in at an impressive number 10 in the top 50, while at number 36, his ex-team mate from Glasgow, Euan Murray also makes it into this year's list.

To give you a taste of the list, read on to find out about the only two eligible rugby players to make this year's list!

Rory Lamont

Who is he?
This year was a "dream come true" for Rory, who played full-back for Scotland in the Rugby World Cup and scored memorable tries against Portugal and Romania. His hard work on the pitch paid off last month, when he was voted Scotland's player of the year. Having starred for Glasgow for three years, he was signed up by Sale Sharks over the summer, who are based in Manchester.
A splendid physique.
His energy dips: training is so physically draining there's little chance of him doing anything active after it.
Plan a surprise for a Sunday - his one free day of the week.
Confuse him with his fellow rugby player and older brother, Sean.

Euan Murray
Who is he?
Being part of this year's World Cup squad was a proud moment for Euan, now in his fifth season of professional rugby. The sport took first place (he's a qualified vet) when his talent on the pitch became clear. He became a Christian last year and says his faith kept him going through the highs and lows of his time with Glasgow Warriors. After the scrum, he winds down with a good book and is also learning to play the piano.
The way to his heart is through his stomach. Cook up a feast and you're halfway there.
You'll need to entertain him - he's prone to get bored quickly.
Invite him back to Scotland - he misses home.
Be a ladette - he's looking for a lady.

Tuesday November 20

Daryl's brave little warriors

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Daryl and Liana with their triplets (photo courtesy of Marc Turner)
In today's Evening Times, new Warrior and new father of triplets, Daryl Gibson has thanked Yorkhill for the care received by his family.

A drama in the delivery ward left all three babies and mum Liana battling for life in intensive care.

And after surviving their first ordeal, the triplets were rushed back into hospital with a life-threatening breathing disease.

Now at last dad Daryl, a Glasgow Warriors and ex-All Blacks rugby player, and big sister Poppy, 2, are looking forward to them all being at home - for good.

Baby Oscar is preparing to join brother Finn and sister Indy by finally leaving Yorkhill.

He's the last baby to get the all-clear to join Daryl, 32, and Liana, 37, and his brother and sisters at home.

Today Liana said: "They gave me a 50/50 chance of survival. I think Daryl thought he was going to be left with four children under the age of two.

"But I haven't dwelled on it. I'm just so happy to be here."

The babies spent their first four weeks in the Princes Royal Maternity Hospital after they were born eight weeks early on August 25.

Complications meant Liana had to have an emergency Caesarean and she lost so much blood that her own life, as well as those of the babies, was on the line.

She needed three blood transfusions and doctors were worried she might not survive.

But after a month in hospital - including a spell when both Liana and smallest baby Oscar, who weighed just 2lb 2oz, were ventilated at the same time - the family returned home.

Daryl, who had kept vigil at the hospital during the agonising time, was relieved.

The former New Zealand international said: "It was touch and go for Liana's life. It was a traumatic time and the doctors and nurses said she was lucky.

"Obviously we were worried about the babies. We weren't sure if they had survived."

But just as the couple were settling into their busy routine at their Darnley home, including working out how to feed three babies every four hours through the night, things took a turn for the worst.

One-by-one, the babies picked up the RSV virus, which affects the respiratory system and can be serious in premature babies.

They had to be taken to Yorkhill within days of each other last month.

Baby Indy even stopped breathing and had to be revived by doctors in A&E.

The couple have spent a month with one, two and, at one point, all three of their babies back in hospital.

Daryl said: "They spent a great deal of time in the ICU unit and then in recovery on the wards. In babies over one year it just presents as a cold, but it's more serious for pre-term babies.

"Obviously they were on ventilation and it can be very worrying, but the staff knew exactly what they were doing."

Thankfully, all recovered and little Oscar is the only one still at Yorkhill. Because he was the smallest he was the worst affected by the illness.

But he's lived up to his name, which his parents picked because it means "wee champion".

Now, guzzling his bottle, it's hard to believe he was so frail.

He's doubled in size and now weighs 5lb.

Baby Finn weighed 3lb 12oz when born, his sister Indy weighed 4lb 2oz and Oscar weighed 2lb 2oz when born.

Daryl said though they're thrilled at the prospect of getting the whole family back all home again they know it's not going to be easy.

He said: "I'm sure in the next couple of weeks it's going to be really stressful. We have had a lot of family visiting from New Zealand to help, but I can see that's going to dry up."

The triplets were conceived after the New Zealand-born couple had IVF treatment.

When born Finn weighed 3lb 12oz and Indy was the heaviest at a still tiny 4lb 2oz.

The couple moved to Britain five years ago, when Daryl joined Leicester Tigers rugby team. They later moved to Glasgow and Daryl is now four months into his two-year contract with the Warriors.

The Warriors' inside centre, who played 19 times for the All Blacks in 1999-2002, has not even missed a match since they were born.

And he's now working on a special project with his Warriors team-mates.

The Warriors have chosen Yorkhill as their official charity and have pledged not to shave during November to raise cash for the hospital.

They'll also be collecting donations at their home matches.

And it won't be long before the babies are able to go see dad in action.

However, mum and dad aren't sure whether they'll support Scotland or New Zealand on the international field.

Daryl said: "I have had a lot of comments that they are actually Scottish and can play for Scotland. And I'm sure my girls will turn out as good at rugby as the boys - they are certainly bigger anyway!"

Liana added: "I do not know if they will support New Zealand or Scotland - but they owe Glasgow and Scotland a lot, the only reason they are here is because of Glasgow.

"I don't think we'd get the same service somewhere else, it's such a fantastic hospital."

Donations to the appeal can be sent to Yorkhill Children's Foundation, quoting "Glasgow Warriors", at the Royal Hospital for Sick Children, Yorkhill, Glasgow, G3 8SJ, or call 0141 201 6917. Alternatively, look out for Daryl's team mates at the next Glasgow home game, where donations can be made in person.

Posted by Envy on November 20, 2007 11:58 PM | Reply to this comment

All the best to the Gibson family. Now lets cap the boys Frank so NZ wont get them.

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Wednesday November 7

Warriors act the goat for charity

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The Glasgow Warriors players are putting their own slant on a charity event this month when they bin their shaving gear in aid of the Royal Hospital for Sick Children at Yorkhill.

‘Movember’ is normally a charity drive to raise money for prostate cancer, but the Warriors are donating the proceeds to the Royal Hospital for Sick Kids due to the first class care received by Daryl Gibson’s new triplets in the hospital’s intensive care unit (ICU).

The campaign will see the Warriors squad resist shaving for the entire month of November which will see them compete in five matches, three at their home ground, Firhill Arena.

On behalf of the squad, who have selected the ICU unit at the hospital as their official charity, Warriors captain Alastair Kellock said: “The ICU at Yorkhill is a very worthwhile cause. It has a great reputation as a children’s hospital and it’s great that it’s in Glasgow so we should support them as best we can.

“This will be one of many fundraising events the players will hold throughout the season.”

The players will be armed with collection buckets at their next home game which is against Viadana in the Heineken Cup on Friday 16 November (kick-off 7:30pm).

Posted by Alan on November 7, 2007 08:45 PM | Reply to this comment

T-Bone should have an advantage straight away then!

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Sunday November 4

Scotland prepare for Netball World Cup

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Glasgow Warriors were involved in the Scotland side's World Cup preparations
Leaving their rugby-playing menfolk at home, Anna Ferguson and Claire Cooper have flown with their Scotland team-mates to the Netball World Cup in New Zealand.

Anna, one of two New Zealanders in the line-up, is one of the few players happy that the tournament was delayed four months and moved to her country of birth. She underwent knee reconstruction surgery in February and took the court again last month.

Anna had a promising netball career at home in New Zealand: chosen in the New Zealand under-21 squad in 2000, she played for the Cometz in the national league, and Waikato and North Harbour in the national provincial championships.

But in 2003, she moved to Glasgow with her fiance, former Northland and Auckland Blues halfback Sam Pinder, contracted to play rugby with the Glasgow Warriors.

An internet search for local netball clubs turned up Scotstoun, where a number of the Scottish national side played.

Those players encouraged Anna to trial for Scotland's 2004 test series against South Africa, and to her surprise, she was selected to play her first international.

"As a kid coming through the grades, I had it in the back of my mind to one day play for my country. I didn't expect it to be Scotland," she said.

"There are a couple of Kiwis and a couple of Australians in the side, so we've shared a bit of our knowledge and they've really appreciated it."

Anna will be staying on in the west coast of Scotland until at least 2009 - Sam, who played two tests for the Scottish rugby team last year, has signed on for another two seasons with the Glasgow Warriors.

"We're settled there, and the change of lifestyle is great. But I miss New Zealand netball," she admitted.

The other New Zealander in the team, Claire Cooper, said it felt weird to be playing a world championship at home, but in the navy and white strip.

A circle defender who grew up in Levin and played for Wellington B and Canterbury B, Claire had retired from netball when she moved to Glasgow with her rugby-playing partner, former Canterbury lock Dan Turner. Anna convinced her to play again.

In true Kiwi tradition, Anna is taking her Scottish teammates home for dinner. Home is a farm in Te Awamutu, where her mother and sister will be preparing a roast to beef them up for the world championships.

The former Waikato teacher and New Zealand under-21 player, now the regular wing defence in the Scotland side, took the team to her favourite childhood holiday spot at the foot of Mt Maunganui yesterday as part of its final preparation for next week's world tournament in Auckland.

She's also booked out her hometown motel, and organised a couple of games against her old teams to get Scotland in the right frame of mind.

Ranked 15th in the world, Scotland have come to New Zealand aiming for the quarter-finals, or at least, making the top 10. Their pool is arguably the toughest in the forthcoming tournament - with previous winners Australia and Trinidad & Tobago, and a capable Samoa side.

Saturday November 3

Player and Try of the Month awards are back!

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Moray was named October's Player of the Month
In conjunction with the Glasgow Warriors Supporters Club,and sponsors, McCrea Financial Services and Waxy O'Connors, the Player of the Month and Try of the Month awards are back.

In the Alan Rough Bar, after the Ulster game, the Supporters Club made presentations to this month's winners.

For his try against Leinster, new signing Bernie Stortoni was awarded the Try of the Month prize.

Meanwhile, the Player of the Month award went to Moray Low, who continues to impress in the pack.

Both players received awards (courtesy of McCrea Financial Services) and gift vouchers (for Waxy O'Connors).

Posted by Gemma on November 3, 2007 10:35 AM | Reply to this comment

It was a good night in the bar last night. Well done to the Supporters Club in organising the presentations. Really good

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