Boroughmuir for Europe?
Kenny Hamilton of Hawks looks at the possibilty of Scottish clubs playing in Europe
Where will the third team come from?(These might be the views of Glasgow Hawks).
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November 09, 2007

Boroughmuir for Europe?

I mentioned this a few weeks back and it has since become a bit of a live issue. Scotland hope to have 3 teams involved in European competition next season. (In fact it is pretty necessary to maintain the financial contribution that we get from that competition.)

Could Boroughmuir be playing in Europe?Now of course there is the option of a London based, Scottish professional entity being that 3rd team, but given the likely resistance from the RFU to that arrangement then I would have thought the prospect of getting it up and running for next season is becoming a bit remote. Perhaps the other options need to be considered now.

If the London based option is considered realistic for future seasons then OK, we might be looking at a one-off for next season. In which case I would suggest a club composite side, which as I understand it needs some form of club identity (say Scottish Barbarians?), might be entered.

If, however, there is the prospect of a longer-term commitment required then I do think we should be ensuring that it is our club champions that are participating. (OK, to take the pressure of Boroughmuir, whoever that might be).

Will they need financial support? – yes and it should be provided from the European income. Will we need to adjust our season – yes, but if there is a willingness to find solutions, we can.

Will they struggle in that competition? – possibly, but as the Italian clubs can confirm, you have to start someplace in exposing yourselves to higher level competition. And to strengthen the team, the contracted professional players not named in the Eu squads for Edinburgh and Glasgow could be ‘transferred’ to Boroughmuir temporarily. (sorry, the club Champions).

Some of this may not be possible, but if it starts to inject a bit of ambition back into Scottish club rugby then I am all for it.

Congratulations to the Bid Team

I am, of course, writing this ahead of the Friday announcement, but I am convinced that Glasgow will be awarded the right to host the 2014 Commonwealth games. I certainly hope so. Despite the prophets of doom and gloom who will point to ‘the cost and the diversion of funds from other worthwhile projects’ it presents a massive opportunity to motivate the entire population around a major sporting event. Not just an opportunity for young, aspiring sports’ people but also the development of community activity and volunteering in the run up to the games.

A great opportunity for Hawks too – creating wider interest in our sport and ensuring we have a few Hawks running out at Ibrox for the Commonwealth 7s tournament.

Telly to Cover Club Rugby

Starting tomorrow at 6.00pm on STV a new rugby magazine programme introduced by Richie Gray. It is scheduled to run for 10 weeks at this stage. Great to see this being put in place as a boost for club rugby and its sponsors, and well done to all in SRU for effective quiet lobbying. All we need now is that people watch it.

Posted by scott on April 16, 2013 04:25 PM | Reply to this comment

if there a 3rd team and it's boroughmuir for europe you have to stop and think it will not welcome to the scottish leag , let's hope it's a scottish team from london that will get in and be a team for Scotland in europe

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