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August 21, 2009

Doncaster Knights 3 - 40 Glasgow Warriors

Friendly match played at Castle Park on Friday August 21st 2009 | 8 comments

Graeme Morrison got on the scoresheet against Doncaster
Glasgow Warriors ran in six tries as they posted a 40-3 win over Doncaster Knights at Castle Park on Friday night.

Knights drew first blood, in front of a 2,664 crowd, when fly-half Ali Warnock booted over an early penalty. Glasgow struck back after 7 minutes with a well worked try from Peter Horne - Dan Parks kicked the conversion.

More was to follow with Mark McMillan touching down after a kick ahead with Dan Parks making no mistake with the extras. Glasgow enjoyed the bulk of possession and looked like they would add to their 14-3 lead but the game turned into a stop-start affair with some fussy refereeing and several flare-ups doing the teams no favours.

After the interval Dave McCall dashed in for a score but Ruaridh Jackson couldn't make the conversion. It didn't really matter as Glasgow's superior speed and strength allowed them to dominate territory and possession although they struggled in the scrum.

Thom Evans helped himself to a try rounding off a powerful display from the winger. Ruaridh Jackson slotted over the conversion.

Two late tries underlined Glasgow's superiority against a spirited Knights team. Graeme Morrison battled through to touch down before Ruaridh Jackson finished off some great work from Chris Cusiter - Jackson converted both scores.

The game was a useful work-out. The Doncaster pack certainly gave their Glasgow counterparts a tough time in the scrummage but the Knights' backs never looked like worrying solid Warriors' defence.

Attendance 2,664
Justin Va'a
Pat MacArthur
Hamish Mitchell
Tim Barker
Dan Turner
Calum Forrester
John Barclay
John Beattie
Mark McMillan
Dan Parks
Colin Shaw
Peter Horne
Peter Murchie
Rob Dewey
Bernardo Stortoni
Dougie Hall
Kevin Tkachuk
Jon Welsh
Ed Kalman
Alastair Kellock
Richie Vernon
Kelly Brown
Chris Cusiter
Colin Gregor
Dave McCall
Hefin O'Hare
Chris Kinloch
Thom Evans
Ruaridh Jackson
Graeme Morrison
Peter Horne Try 
Dan Parks Conversion
Mark McMillan Try 
Dan Parks Conversion
Dave McCall Try 
Thom Evans Try 
Ruaridh Jackson Conversion
Graeme Morrison Try 
Ruaridh Jackson Conversion
Ruaridh Jackson Try 
Ruaridh Jackson Conversion
    Posted by AJPatterson on August 23, 2009 11:32 AM | Reply to this comment

    Filling the gaps in the pretty accurate write up:
    - Peter Horne took his try superbly. He saw a line and took it, the Doncaster defence couldn't catch him.
    - The grubber kick forward tactic worked all night.
    - Good hands throughout plus lots of pace. Apparently at one point Doncaster was screaming that Thom was offside, but it got pointed out that he does actually run that fast.
    - Really good defence, not only did they cover well but 2nd guessed what the opposition were doing. Basically Donny had never seen a blitz defence before and couldn't cope, and we moved smoothly from blitz to drift when the ball did occasionally move wide.
    - Forwards loose play excellent, even Ed Kalman joining the line.
    - An interesting tactic I'd never seen before from opposition penalties inside their half - station defenders at intervals down the touchline. It made their outhalf kick shorter than he wanted. Won't trouble the Sextons and Joneses of this world, but Phil Godman will have kittens when he sees it.

    - Lineouts weak until Ally came on
    - Scrummaging unconvincing, though as ever you can't see the whole picture from the sidelines. Allegedly the ref was out of his depth and gave a load of stuff the wrong way.
    - Still messy clearing out rucks. Need to sort that out before Munster.
    - Props don't look great, seemed to improve when Welshy came on. Hopefully will pick up when Moray comes back.

    So if we can actually get the ball to the backs, we'll do well. Big positive is that all the new guys look good, no weak links at all in the backs.

    Posted by kpbear on August 23, 2009 03:37 PM | Reply to this comment

    ajp! "props don't look great, seemed to improve when welshy came on" only seemed! no, no, credit where its due, AJ no half measures, "did improve when welshy came on". maybe aj we should get a big blow-up plastic hammer and attack the coach every time he leaves welshy on the bench. that maryhill place is full of violence.

    Posted by AJPatterson on August 23, 2009 04:22 PM | Reply to this comment

    Um, Welshy stood out because the rest of them weren't great. Even then, Welshy nearly got carded immediately after coming on. He had more spirit about him, needs to direct it better.

    Justin looked particularly poor - the scrum was collapsing too often.

    But I'll defer judgement until better connaisseurs of the black arts (i.e. JimC) see the team.

    The other worrying thing is that we tried rolling mauls 2 or 3 times and made a complete mess of it. The maul split in 2 a few times. We can defend them on this evidence but please Sean don't try it ourselves until we've learned to do it.

    Posted by kpbear on August 23, 2009 05:15 PM | Reply to this comment

    ajp! welshy stood out because others around him were rubbish? really? "he had more spirit about him" yes your right, he did, irrespective of those around him! i think its called HAVING THE EYE OF THE TIGER.just keep the big blow-up plastic hammer handy i think we will need it. i couldn't imagine what its like to live in such a violent place as maryhill.

    Posted by sunday5 on August 24, 2009 10:42 AM | Reply to this comment


    Posted by Hugues on August 25, 2009 05:31 AM | Reply to this comment

    Good crowd for a pre season even for a league game, hope the game V Wasps will attract at least the same in Glasgow...

    Posted by AJPatterson on August 25, 2009 01:08 PM | Reply to this comment

    They were charging 5 entry, they had a band on in the corner, a pipeband (from Scunthorpe of all places) wandering around playing "Scotland the Brave", a Knight mascot and about 20 teenage girls doing dance routines. They have the longest bar in Yorkshire under the stand and loads of pie, chips & gravy. I'm not sure all the crowd knew that much about the rugby but talking to them people said that it was a fantastic night out for a fiver. It was certainly a lot of fun. They got about 5,500 for the Leeds match last year and their average attendance is a fair bit higher than ours.

    Not sure you can replicate that in Glasgow as it's a fully fledged club with loads of teams, and let's face it there's a bit more to do on a Friday night in Glasgow than Doncaster. But it certainly shows you what can be done and I wish them all the best in getting into the GP.

    Posted by Hugues on August 26, 2009 07:47 AM | Reply to this comment

    Thanks for your comments,

    About crowds, I'm not sure if there is much to do in Galashiels on a Friday night, and an area like the Borders with great culture of Rugby did not attract people for the Celtic league, and I remember a game on tv in France in the HC Borders V Biarritz was a poor crowd.
    Anyway, I think strongly that Rugby in Glasgow could be a success in the future!
    I know, Iknow, there is soccer, but Toulouse is a success at Rugby of course, but a success in soccer too.

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