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January 08, 2021

Glasgow Warriors P - P Edinburgh

GUINNESS PRO14 match played at Scotstoun on Friday January 8th 2021 | No comments

Danny Wilson
Glasgow's PRO14 meeting with Edinburgh has been postponed due to a frozen pitch at Scotstoun.

Both squads had started their warm-up but 20 minutes ahead of kick-off, it was decided that despite the best efforts of the ground staff, the pitch was too hard to play on safely.

Glasgow Warriors head coach Danny Wilson told Premier Sport: "The weather has got the better of us. Ultimately the boys have got to the stage of doing full scrums out there and it wouldn't hold a stud so it's not safe to play on. In this season, it's one of many things that have surprised us.

"It's frustrating. We trained on it Thursday morning, but it was fine for our team run yesterday. I'm waiting to find out what that means in terms of being rescheduled and when we'll play.

"The pitch has been worked on literally all day, all of yesterday. As you get closer and closer to kick-off, it's getting colder and colder, and there is always that risk. Lunchtime, it was absolutely fine, but it keeps getting colder.

"It's fine to run on and have some contact on it, however scrums seem to be the problem. The scrums aren't staying in the floor at scrum time. As the night goes on, it is only going to get colder so this is not going to get any better.

"Our scrum part of our warm-up is a little bit later and I guess we would have probably got there and come to the same conclusion.

"You can see the boys are out there now trying to run off a bit of caffeine. We have to try and deal with any bomb that's thrown at us - I've probably aged 20 years since I've been at Glasgow!"