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April 11, 2019

Warriors must learn lessons from last season

Posted by Editor on April 11, 2019 11:31 PM | No comments | Print | E-mail author

Tommy Seymour made a try-scoring return to action in the win over Ulster
As the PRO14 enters the business end of the 2018/2019 campaign Tommy Seymour is confident that Glasgow have learned the lessons of last season.

Fine early season form saw Glasgow qualify with months to spare only to fall flat in their home semi-final.

Setymour returned to action in last week's win over Ulster after picking up a rib injury while playing for Scotland against Wales.

"I feel OK, because I've been out for a few weeks and my lungs are still adjusting," Seymour said ahead of Saturday's visit to Dublin to take on Leinster. "But I'm pleased with the GPS stats I managed to cover on the weekend and felt relatively good.

"We know it's a massive factor to have a home semi-final and have that chance to get a bit of extra rest in the legs as well. That's a motivating factor. We're feeling good and we're confident and training very well, so I'd like to think we're in a good place mentally as well as physically."

Seymour is well aware of how tough it will be for his team at the RDS, where they have not won in eight years, and does not see Leinster slacking off even though they had their conference in the bag some time ago.

"Leinster would be tricky regardless of what time of year it is. For us it's a case of yes, we've got play-offs to think about and home semi-finals, but we also talk about the RDS and Leinster as a place where we have not won in a long time, and that would be really special for us.

"We've had a couple of occasions where we've come very close and then let leads slip. That's a motivating factor regardless of anything else. Our players are keen to go over there to what is one of the top sides in Europe, see where we are and set a marker down for the rest of the tournament.

"I wouldn't really expect (complacency) of a team like Leinster. But we're using last year especially to where we were and what it meant for our run-in more. It's a focusing factor for guys who hadn't been part of it. It was important for us to realise the mistakes we made last year and where our mindset was, and how important it is to yes, achieve a home semi-final, but also to have the momentum and the confidence going into the play-off weeks."

No-one connected with Glasgow wants to look much beyond Saturday's match at the moment, but at the back of everyone's mind is the fact this year's final will take place at Celtic Park. "You don't want to look too far down the road," Seymour added. "The home semi-final is probably the most you can look at. But obviously it would be lovely to play in our home city - to allow our friends to experience a big game like that in our own city would be amazing."