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May 15, 2023

Warriors' focus must be right

Posted by Editor on May 15, 2023 08:05 PM | No comments | Print | E-mail author

Nigel Carolan is confident that if the focus is right, Warriors can take the final step
Glasgow Warriors assistant coach Nigel Carolan is confident his side can lift the European Challenge Cup trophy, but they'll have to get their performance just right.

Warriors reached Friday's final in Dublin after a hard-fought victory over Scarlets in the last four to reach a first European final.

Now Carolan is confident that if the focus is right, Warriors can take the final step.

"The URC is fantastic but when you come into this competition with the English and the French teams and come out in the top two teams is something that we are proud of," he said.

"We know we've got the beating of Toulon as well. Just to go one step further, we know it is well within our reach and something we can control.

"If we can get all of the parts of our game to function the way we expect and the way we're preparing to perform, then hopefully we can go one step further and bring home that silverware."

Carolan added: "We always have expectation as coaches and the reason that we have expectation is because we are prepared. We feel like the team has prepared really well and they have high standards for themselves.

"When they train the way they train, they just want to be able deliver a performance at the weekend that not only can they be proud of but our fans can be proud of. And hopefully we'll have more of the same this week.

"The way the season ended last year was disappointing for everybody. The way the lads embraced what needed to be done, and how hard they worked all year, itís nice to see that bear fruit.

"We've got to a final but we haven't won it yet. There's one more job to do and we're very much focused on that now."

Anticipation is growing in the Glasgow camp but the staff and players are determined to find the right balance between enjoying what will be a special match and not being distracted by the occasion.

"I feel fantastic about it and I can't wait," Carolan said. "We've been building towards this all season so we can't not be looking forward to it.

"It's a big occasion and maybe it's a bit of a cliche but the thing is not to play the occasion but play the game.

"Very much what we're focused on is not to let the occasion get ahead of us but focus on what's got us here, like solid performances, and hopefully that's what we can bring again on Friday night.

"I think it's difficult not to let some of the sideshow get to them as well and there's obviously a lot of added attention this week. That's fantastic and it comes with the territory and I hope the lads relish that as well. They've certainly earned it.

"I think they'll enjoy the hype and the expectation that comes with it. It certainly keeps the mind focused on what needs to be done."