October 19, 2008

Glasgow Warriors 16 - 22 Toulouse

Heineken Cup match played at Firhill on Friday October 17th 2008 | 6 comments

Thom Evans was outstanding for Glasgow
Glasgow coach Sean Lineen admits his side need to win all their remaining Heineken Cup Pool Five games to reach the quarter-finals after going down 22-16 to Toulouse on Friday night.

After losing to Dragons last week the Warriors have no margin for error in their remaining games.

A late Lome Fa'atau try gave Lineen's men a losing bonus point but they still need four straight victories to have a realistic chance of making the last eight.

"I would say so," Lineen said when asked if that was now essential.

Despite the defeat, the reaction to Friday night's result was in stark contrast to his stinging assessment of last week's capitulation at Newport Gwent Dragons.

Certainly, on the evidence of the first half - which the Warriors won 9-7 - Lineen can take great heart.

"I thought the guys showed what playing for Glasgow's all about," said Lineen, who revealed he needed to remind his players what the Heineken Cup was all about. I thought each and every one of them put their hands up and showed the passion and pride of playing for Glasgow Warriors this season.

"Toulouse showed their class when they went through the gears at the beginning of the second half. The tries were a little bit soft that we gave away but the guys never stopped trying. We scored a great try and could have had a couple more. So really proud of the effort tonight.

"I thought again John Beattie and John Barclay were tireless, just kept working against what was an outstanding outfit. They never gave up."

The Glasgow boss also hailed the impact the younger players had on the match when they entered the field.

"It's all about blooding the youngsters through," he said. "I thought Ruairdh Jackson and Pat Mcarthur were outstanding coming on against Toulouse. It's all about developing these players as well.

"I was really happy with how the boys played - Thom Evans was outstanding on the wing and Dan Parks controlled the play well and the forward pack with Alastair Kellock as captain were outstanding.

He added: "It's a week too late in a way, but at least we know it's there."

Toulouse looked out of sorts early on tonight but David Skrela's opening try settled them and they crossed twice more after the break through Byron Kelleher and Yannick Jauzion to turn the game on its head.

Lineen said: "The number of x-factor players that they have, when they want to just create space, every single one of them knows how to do it. They're all athletes; they can play rugby. We'll learn from that. But again we're on the same field as them and we can hold our heads high."

Lineen now wants his players to perform with the same desire in next Friday's Magners League clash with Leinster and beyond.

He said: "The main thing is looking forward towards next week and the guys taking this game, this intensity and the way they've played into the Magners League. The guys are up for it. The way they played today is the way we've got to play for the rest of the season."

Toulouse coach Guy Noves was full of praise for Glasgow Warriors for the way they pushed his side to the limit.

Noves was happy to see his side turn a 9-7 interval deficit into a 22-9 lead with a 10 minute purple patch immediately after the re-start, but concerned at the end as Glasgow threw everything into attack after snapping up a breakaway try.

“Glasgow played really well. That was like the team that beat Biarritz a few years ago and not like the side that has lost a few games recently,” said Noves.

"We were very lucky to score a try in the first half and could have been nine or more points behind at the break. They really did scavenge for every ball and make life difficult for us. At half-time I had to tell my players to focus, stick together and try to move the ball more. By magic we found ourselves in a 10 minute period and then had the chance to go for the bonus point.

“But Glasgow didn’t give up and we couldn’t score again. They got a breakaway try and we were hanging on at the end. But we have won our first two games and I am happy with that.”

Heineken Man of the Match Yannick Jauzion was another who heaped praise on Glasgow.

"They made life very difficult for us in the first-half, but I'm happy with the second half performance," said Jauzion.

"We came with the intention of winning and going for the bonus point, but unfortunately we couldn't get the four tires. Maybe we will play better in the future."

You can see highlights from the game here

Referee A Lewis (IRU)
Attendance 4,820
Kevin Tkachuk
Dougie Hall
Ed Kalman
Dan Turner
Alastair Kellock
Richie Vernon
John Barclay
John Beattie
Mark McMillan
Dan Parks
Thom Evans
Graeme Morrison
Max Evans
Lome Fa'atau
Bernardo Stortoni
Pat MacArthur
Moray Low
Tim Barker
Kelly Brown
Colin Gregor
Ruaridh Jackson
Andrew Henderson
Match Substitutions
Off On
Kevin Tkachuk Moray Low
Off On
Richie Vernon Kelly Brown
Off On
Mark McMillan Colin Gregor
Off On
Bernardo Stortoni Ruaridh Jackson
Off On
Max Evans Andrew Henderson
Off On
Dan Turner Tim Barker
Off On
Dougie Hall Pat MacArthur
Dan Parks Penalty
Dan Parks Penalty
Dan Parks Penalty
Lome Fa'atau Try 
Dan Parks Conversion
Posted by john johnson on October 18, 2008 06:55 AM | Reply to this comment

close but no cigar, the boys put up a brave effort and there were some good individual performances. Cant say that about Beattie though. He saved up his worst game for one of the most important. Dont think he should be starting in front of Brown as he was not at the races at all.

Posted by sunday5 on October 18, 2008 10:49 AM | Reply to this comment

Beatie shouldn't have kicked THAT ball and Fa'atau should've made THAT tackle.

All in all tho, I was so proud to be a Glasgow fan last night. The guys gave their all and did us proud. Thom Evans is world class. The way he shredded the Toulouse backline was just brilliant. He must be a shoe in for Scotland.

Posted by S153 on October 18, 2008 09:31 PM | Reply to this comment

Another defeat I am afraid, until such times as coaches, players and supporters have a winning mentality, we will get nowhere. Its winning that counts, getting beat is for losers. The old adage is right, show me a good loser and I will show you a loser. There are far too many in the Glasgow set up who are content to get beat.

Posted by sandy dennison on October 19, 2008 05:22 PM | Reply to this comment

Thees time, I weel say thees only wance (with apologies to les Toulousains)!
Much, much better than last week, at least with regard to the effort put into the game. They looked like they really wanted to win this time. John Barclay and Thom Evans were excellent. However, not so good in the decision making department. Too many aimless kicks out of hand giving away possession. Indeed, sometimes it looked as if Dan Parks was deliberately trying to seek out an opposition defender to kick the ball to. And the point of the restart kick is to give your own players a good chance of getting under the ball and retaining possession not to boot the ball beyond your own players and giving it straight to the opposition.

Posted by Shakey on October 20, 2008 12:14 AM | Reply to this comment

Sandy, were we watching the same game?
Aimless kicks? You mean the mid field up and unders in windy, sometimes wet conditions that caused a few fumbles from the opposition? or the majority of touch finders that found touch? (understand there were a few which didnt but thats rugby).
Your a tough observer, I thought DP controlled game well, non stop revving up the team mates, releasing pressure with long kicks, and if that cross field kick to Thom was snatched it was good night!
You only have to notice the difference between last weeks game and this weeks to see the effect he has.

"And the point of the restart kick is to give your own players a good chance of getting under the ball and retaining possession not to boot the ball beyond your own players and giving it straight to the opposition" REALLY? What about kicking it deep with a good chase then pressuring the opposition into a mistake in their 22 providing attacking near the try line....Glad you not the coach....then again?

Im nitpicking but one of the tries to Toulouse came from a forward pass (think it was kellehers try)!

Posted by manattheback on October 20, 2008 08:25 AM | Reply to this comment

Shakey, you are absolutely correct, Parks does make a difference - he steps out of the defensive line at every opportunity forming a 2nd defensive line with Stortoni (who BTW is a great cover tackler) and leaves the first up line one man short. Controlled well? He never gives his midfield backs the chance to shine, forcing them to truck ball up and as for his 'non-stop revving up' of team mates, I've seen plenty of pretty average players who can go around slapping players on the back and screaming 'well done'. It doesn't make him a good player by any means! Another night for the good losers tag - personally I'd rather see a bad win!

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